We've walked in your shoes.

Now we want to do more to help.



We’ve served on the boards of various nonprofits...

So we understand the unique challenges of generating awareness, building new connections and raising funds without significantly increasing expenses. Sometimes these tasks appear impossible to accomplish. We’re here to help make the impossible possible, by organizing fundraising and networking events on your behalf with no cost to you.

For this purpose, we have created VisionGives—a philanthropic program of Vision Retirement a retirement advice, planning & implementation firm located in Ridgewood, NJ.

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VisionGives allows us to…

Enhance the lives of local community members by supporting smaller local nonprofit organizations that lack the resources required to accomplish their goals and effectively deliver on their missions. We create events, invite donors and potential collaborators, and raffle off checks made out to you. In the end, your organization benefits—and we all have a good time.

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Let’s make a bigger impact together.

As a company, we're committed to donating thousands of dollars towards various VisionGives initiatives. However, we can only accomplish so much alone. We want to corral other like-minded companies into joining our charitable efforts so we can make a greater difference in our community. Imagine the impact we could have on a local nonprofit if a check for $5,000 grows into $25,000, or even $100,000! Plus, the new connections and raised awareness would be invaluable. This smaller, local nonprofit would now be well positioned to do big work—all good for the greater good.

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